Withdrawal of Abstracts

If an abstract must be withdrawn from consideration, the author must send a letter of explanation to ASM. Please email generalmeeting@asmusa.org Withdrawals of abstracts made after March 13, 2015, can be subject to a penalty as described below.
Presenting Identical Material at a Different Meeting
There are no restrictions on presenting an abstract at another meeting national or international prior to asm2015.



Any author who withdraws an abstract after the published deadline of March 13, 2015, or who fails to present the abstract at the scheduled time and place during the General Meeting, may be prohibited from presenting a poster at any ASM sponsored meetings for the following three (3) years.


Notification of Penalty

A letter will be mailed to those who are subject to this penalty. Those who wish to dispute the penalty must do so in writing to the Program Committee. The letter must be addressed to:

Andrea Rosales
Program Assistant, General Meeting
ASM Meetings & Exhibits Department
1752 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036-2904

A response letter will be sent to the presenting author once the Committee has considered and acted on your exception request.