Invited Speaker/Convener Registration & Resources

Please note that the following information does not apply to Young Investigators or Poster Presenters.


As an invited Speaker/Convener of a scientific session, you will be provided with a dedicated registration and housing link. If you do not register immediately, please remember to use this link. Do not use the registration for regular attendees.



Quick instructions

After clicking on the Speaker/Convener registration link:

  • Click the red box “Click Here to Login”
  • You will need an ASM Single Sign On (SSO) account in order to register.
  • If you are a non-member who has never created an SSO account with ASM, you will first need to create one. Click on the right box to “Create Account”
  • If you have an SSO account but need a reminder, Click the appropriate “Forgot Username and/or Password”
  • You will eventually encounter a page that provides two (2) radio buttons with options to register as a:
    • GM Program Committee (for use only by members of the General Meeting Program Committee)
    • Speaker/Convener (you will SELECT this option)

Please note: If you are a non-member, your base fee for meeting registration is complimentary and will be reflected at check-out. You will be charged for additional purchases for meeting events such as workshops, or products such as the asmONLINE.

If you are an ASM member, be sure to renew your membership and take advantage of the benefits your membership has to offer. Your registration fee is based upon your membership type/level.

For questions or concerns, email